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Common Questions regarding the Summer Debate Institute!
If you have any questions not addressed here or if you would like additional information, please contact us.

Where will the Summer Debate Institute be held?

This year the camp will be held in the Western Suburbs of Chicago at College of Du Page in Glen Ellyn. 

Why a debate institute?

Debate institutes provide a period of concentrated work in order to prepare students for the next year of debate competition. Many students find that this week gives them a head start for the year. The Summer Debate Institute provides one of the best learning opportunities for students and their families in the country. 

What's the schedule for a day?

SDI runs from morning until night - from around 8:30am to 9:00pm each day of the camp.  You will receive a schedule with precise class breakdowns when you arrive at camp.

12 Hours? Are you crazy?

Well we do really enjoy debating, but we break the day up with guest lectures, small group activities, and time for fellowship. But make no mistake, SDI packs approximately one full semester of information and instruction into one week.

Do parents or coaches have to attend the sessions with their students?

A parent/coach or chaperone is required at the Summer Debate Institute. While they are not required to attend the class sessions, they must be available in case of an emergency. They are always welcome to attend the classes along with their students.

What about housing?

There are a few options for students and families when it comes to housing. First, families may wish to stay in area hotels Second, families may choose to utilize our “Bed & Breakfast” host housing. Area families have agreed to serve as hosts for you and your family. This service will be $75 per family for the entire week. Bed & Breakfast host housing is limited and available only on a first come first served basis.

Do you have any special accommodations for younger children?

The Summer Debate Institute is not equipped to care for younger children during the workshop. We strongly encourage you to find someone to care for your younger children during the Institute. However, if younger children are not distracting, they are welcome to attend. Please bring quiet seatwork activities for them to do during the conference. 

May I bring my video equipment?

Yes, but we ask that you only use the equipment to record your own students in their debate rounds. The class sessions are for the benefit of Institute attendees and are not to be recorded. Your compliance with these restrictions is appreciated.

May I buy additional notebooks to use in my club?

You may purchase notes to use in your club, but you may not reproduce these notes and outlines. Also, any use of Summer Debate Institute materials must retain the original copyright notice. Special permission may be granted by request and written approval from the Summer Debate Institute Director.
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