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Summer Debate Institute Participation Requirements
Eligibility. All students ages 12 and above are eligible to attend the Summer Debate Institute. Students do not need to be affiliated with a debate league for camp participation.

Chaperone. Each student must arrive on campus with a chaperone. For those students attending the clinic without a parent, the following conditions must be met. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE REQUIREMENT OF A CHAPERONE.

  • All arrangements for chaperones must be met prior to arrival at the clinic. A copy of the "Chaperone Agreement" must be signed by the student, the parent, and the adult who will be serving in this capacity and a copy provided to the Debate Institute staff prior to arrival.
  • Each chaperone must have a signed and notarized "Medical Treatment Authorization" with insurance information provided. A copy of all documentation is to be provided to the Debate Institute staff prior to arrival.
  • No chaperone will be permitted to be responsible for more than 3 students outside his/her family unit.
  • Chaperones will be held responsible for the behavior of their ward(s).

Attire. Modest casual attire is acceptable for classes Monday through Thursday. Neat jeans and shirts are acceptable for the men; Capri's are acceptable for the women. No tank tops or shirts with spaghetti straps are allowed. No tee shirts with offensive logo's or wording are allowed. Ladies, please no shirts that show your midriff when arms are raised.  On Friday students will have the option to wear SDI t-shirts or debate attire (suits) for rounds.

Liability. Each student and parent must sign the "Acceptance of Liability" form.  This form will be sent to you when we receive your online registration. If a student is attending with a chaperone, that individual must also sign the form.

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