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Why attend the Summer Debate Institute?
The Summer Debate Institute is a unique debate camp for many reasons. We believe that our uniqueness makes our camp stand out from the rest.

Parental/Coach Involvement
Unlike some camps where parents are simply the drivers, the Summer Debate Institute understands that parents are an integral aspect to their students' success. We offer classes for parents during the institute as well as invite parents and coaches to attend all the lectures and critique sessions. Our staff is here to equip the students as well as the parents and coaches to better communicate for the Lord.

Excellent Staff
Our staff has years of experience in competitive debate and speech.

Our directing staff has been regional, state, tournament, and team/club directors for years. They can provide insight into the many facets of parenting debaters as well as club administration and organization. Their experience provides a smooth running institute as well as excellent resources for the students and parents in attendance.

Our teaching staff brings a resume full of awards in STOA/NCFCA/NFL and college forensics including state and national awards in policy, Lincoln-Douglas, and parliamentary debate as well as speech events.

The teaching staff provides unique analysis developed by their regional distinctives. Different areas of the country look at arguments and the topic differently. By providing a diverse staff we attempt to expose the students to these different paradigms in order to prepare them for arguments from these numerous angles.

Our staff members attend many different colleges and universities and work in various fields. Their experiences competing for different institutions provide a unique perspective about college forensics as well as argument theory and style.

Communication Focus
We believe that speech and debate should be tools to develop communication skills in order to spread the Truth to the world.

We emphasize training in debate in order to prepare students for the future no matter their calling.

Great Low Price
The Summer Debate Institute purposes to help families concerned with excellent training but unable to afford the expense of many debate camps. The Summer Debate Institute believes that quality and price are not correlated. We are proud to provide a week of superior debate training for the lowest cost around.

Best Time of Year
The Summer Debate Institute is held each August. Our debate camp is specifically timed to kick off your debate season. This gives students time to analyze the resolution, prepare for both the camp classes and the professional topic speakers and come away ready for competition. Our August camp also gives our staff time to invest in their lectures regarding potential cases on the new resolution. Finally, the Debate Institute is timed to be your first activity and ignite the fire for you and your team for the upcoming season!

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